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Benefit Season Is Here

When an identity is stolen, most victims don’t even know it has happened.  Once discovered, identity theft typically takes 330 hours* before the victim is able to get their life back to normal. This means highly stressful hours during which you are not on the job working, or are at work, but are distracted or disengaged with worry over a potentially life-changing crime.  Productivity and morale are affected significantly. For individuals without the protection of an employer to fall back on, the pain of identity theft is even more strongly felt.

Many businesses and individuals alike are meeting this need by turning to identity theft protection providers to protect themselves.  With voluntary group benefit varying in price and protection, how do employers and individuals know that they’re getting the benefits they really want from their identity theft protection provider? 

LifeLock is the industry leader in identity theft protection, with a value proposition that sets them apart.  When selecting your partner in identity theft protection services, consider these important factors.

  • Proactive vs. Reactive: What’s unique about LifeLock is the aim and ability to change the outcome of identity theft.  What that means is that LifeLock is acting more like an alarm system that notifies that trouble is starting, as opposed to trying to fix the impact of a crime that already occurred. 
  • Number of Alerts: In identity theft protection services, proactive means providing alerts for suspicious activity prior to fraudulent use.  Because of LifeLock's robust network, they issue 20,000 to 30,000 alerts on a weekly basis.  Prior to partnering with an identity theft protection services company, find out how many alerts the company issues – the alert volume will provide critical insight into the efficacy of the product.
  • Service Provider vs. Reseller: As the owner of the technology, LifeLock really understands where identify occurs and have built their service to notify members of their exposure in near real-time.  When comparing identity theft protection services it is important to ask ‘how are you able to be proactive?’ Often you will hear things like ‘we buy’ or ‘we vendor’ data from a third party.  When a company doesn’t own any of the technology they use to provide service, how can you be sure they will last through your plan year?
  • Member Satisfaction: Now more than ever, people are looking for benefits that meet their needs and provide world-class service.  Before partnering with an identity theft protection company, ensure you have a clear understanding of their customer satisfaction levels and the mechanisms they use to track those levels.  LifeLock uses the widely respected and well-known Net Promoter Score and the Burke Research Secure Customer Index. 
  • Financial Strength: By providing consistent, year over year value to members, LifeLock has become a nearly $300 million a year company with over 2.8 million members, 650 employees, and are open 24/7/365.  LifeLock is focused only on services that lead the industry in helping protect individuals from the crime of identity theft.  Ask yourself what financial criteria you’d like to have in a partner. LifeLock is here for the long term.
  • Community Involvement: LifeLock works with many organizations to help educate them on the securing personal information, the risks of identity theft, and information on recovering from identity theft.  Most recently The National Parent Teacher Association collaborated with LifeLock to teach children to develop good online habits as they interact in the digital world.  LifeLock also has partnerships with the FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association and the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA).

If you would like to learn more about the advantages that enrollment in LifeLock through Breske & Breske provides, please visit the following PDF links:

[The LifeLock Difference] [LifeLock Products & Services]

For individual protection, please follow this link to enroll in LifeLock with Breske & Breske and let us help you to protect your identity for as little as $9/month. By enrolling with us, you'll receive a 10% discount compared to the cost of enrolling in LifeLock on your own. (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Web Browser required) 

If you're an employer looking to enroll in group protection, please call us at 407-521-4570 and we will help you to get set up today.


* Identity Theft: The Aftermath 2004, Identity Theft Resource Center, September 2005.
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